Shiga Technical Center

Base of Automotive Motor & Electronic Control Business Unit of Nidec Group

Functions and Roles

In the automotive motor field, the laboratory is functioning as the direction center of the In-vehicle Motor Business Unit that is responsible for research and development, product design, development of production technology, manufacturing of motors, and support of the plant during expansion. This laboratory is responding to the wide variety of various technical requests it receives from the automobile industry, and contributes to the field of energy saving with its industry-leading technologies. Such technical efforts include creating lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller motors in a way that does not sacrifice power, developing motors that are not dependent on rare earth materials, and engaging in innovative production engineering.

Efforts and Achievements Reflected in Products

                   Automotive Motor

Motors for EPS, H-EPS, DCT and oil pumps, motor/fan for engine cooling and battery cooling, and main motors for window lifts, sunroofs, seat adjustment, seat cooling, and drive.

The center develops a wide range of motors including those for accessories, EPS (electric power steering) and traction motors for EVs. Using unique motor development and design practices as well as control technologies, the center supports electrification, upgrading and energy efficiency in automobiles.

Facilities and Experimental Apparatuses

Reverberation Chamber
Short-term trial production by use of rapid prototyping machine
Anechoic room
Vibration test facility
Motor characteristic inspection device
Load test device for power motor

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