Dalian Technical Center

R&D function to China
Cutting the Lead Time from Design of New Product to Launch of Volume Production

Functions and Roles

The Dalian Technical Center is the first technical center in China set to realize "Localization of R&D." Currently, 95% of the staff are Chinese. While maintaining a close relationship with the Shiga Technical Center, it leads our efforts to develop new Chinese markets by maximizing its advantage of being near the production base. One of its key features is the coherent system covering from new product development to volume production. The Dalian Plant has its own die and mold design and part production departments. Its collaboration with the Dongguan and Shaoguan Plants enable it to quickly respond to assignments ranging from trial production of development products to launch of volume production. It is the sole responsibility of the Dalian Technical Center to serve Chinese customers. This technical center is able to provide customers with direct and speedy technical support in every aspect of development, production and sales.

Efforts and Achievements Reflected in Products

                   Small Precision Brushless
                   DC Motor

Optical disk drive (ODD) motors and DLP® (projector) motors

This technical center is in charge of the design and development of the existing thick- and thin-type ODD motors. The center serves about 60% of customers and is carrying out its transfer to be completed by 2014 in order to achieve 100% customer coverage. The center is 100% responsible for DLP® motors. In addition to that, this center is in charge of packaging design, operations related to transfer of trial production and design work, improvement in VA/VE, and improvement of plant processes.

                   Standard Brushless DC

Motors are installed in a wide range of products including home appliances and industrial and office equipment
OA equipment: Auxiliary function of printer
Industrial machines: Coin mechanism bill validator, ATM, etc.

About 80% of transfer of the existing series is completed, and now transfer of the new 24H series is under way. The Dalian Technical Center supports projects not only in China but all around the world. The functions are divided between the Shiga Technical Center and the Dalian Technical Center as follows. Namely, Shiga is responsible for structural design and launch of volume production of a new series, and Dalian promotes sales and handling of related issues.

                   Fan Motors

Promotion of use of our motors for various use applications including servers, office equipment and home appliances

In order to have the Shiga Technical Center concentrate on development of more upgraded new products, many of Shiga's current operations have been transferred to Dalian Technical Center. Structural design was also newly launched at Dalian, in 2009 and it succeeded in launching a cost-effective DJ series. The Dalian Technical Center currently handles issues related to volume-production products at the Dalian, Dongguan, and Shaoguan plants. Dalian processes most of the applied design of the existing models. Their proposals for receiving patents encouraged in and after 2010.

                   In-vehicle Brush DC

Motors for seats (for sliding the seat back and forth, adjusting the seat height and angle, etc.), motors for engine cleaning fans, ABS, sunroofs, window lifts, automotive brushless DC motors and DCT motors

In cooperation with a Chinese OEM, which offers both brushless and brush motors, Dalian is promoting Tier-1 local product sales. The experiment group in the department quickly responds to reliability assessments and verification tests required for the development of automotive motors. In this way, they fortify the development and manufacturing capacity to promote sales in the Chinese market.

Facilities and Experimental Apparatuses

CATIA 3-D modeling software
Supporting software for structural design and analysis
CR5000 circuit pattern design software
Supporting software for board design and analysis
Characteristics measurement device (partially produced in house)
This device is used for measuring basic characteristic (torque, current, rotating speed, etc.) of motors.
Anechoic room
This room is used exclusively for measuring motor noise.
Large constant-temperature room
This is the room used for testing the durability against environmental changes (temperature and humidity are controlled).
Vibration test facility
This device is used for evaluating motor performance under vibrating conditions that simulate actual operating environments.

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