Service Robots

Various Service Robot Applications

Service Robots Specialized in Various Fields and Applications

The various applications of service robots can roughly be classified into the following categories.

  • Personal mobility robots designed to assist humans with transportation
  • Logistics robots that transfer products in warehouses
  • Telepresence robots that facilitate remote meeting participation
  • Social robots acting as household concierges
  • Power assist suits that facilitate transportation of heavy goods
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners used in home environments
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners for commercial use
  • Nursing care robots that assist with care work
  • Drones used for aerial photographing and transportation of goods

Motors, gears, sensors, drives and controllers, all of which are included in the lineup of the Nidec group, are not only indispensable for these specialized service robots but also integral to functions that greatly influence their performance.

The Nidec group also has a range of servo amplifiers and gears that are offered both as stand-alone parts, combined modules and units equipped with controllers.

In addition to the brushless DC motors that form the core of our business, our capabilities also include high reduction ratio low noise reduction gears with minimal backlash. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to combine these components into modules and units optimized for the specific development plans of each individual customer by participating in the development process and the specification development of the actual end product service robot.

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