Service Robots

Primary Motors and Power Transmission Equipment

Motors and Power Transmission Equipment Delivering Optimal Functionality for Service Robots

The Nidec group offers brushless DC motors and high performance gears optimal for service robots.

Service robots operating in private households, offices, or at medical institutions require unique specifications that differ from those of industrial robots used in factories. For example, most service robots are battery-powered and need to be able to operate silently. Furthermore, as these robots are required to be mobile and interact with humans, their movable parts need to be lighter and more compact than their industrial robot counterparts.
Operating life is another important factor due to the need for sustainable running costs, and for logistics robots, in particular, longevity is an absolute requirement as these robots are built to operate twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. The keys to fulfilling these requirements are brushless DC motors and high-precision gears.

Motors with the Optimal Performance for Powering Service Robots

The Nidec group offers a comprehensive line-up of motors for all kinds of service robots. Particularly, our compact, efficient, light-weight, low-noise and highly-controllable brushless DC motors stand out as a top choice for powering service robots. These motors are suitable for battery-driven operation and possess the optimal performance for service robots operating in settings such as private households, nursing care facilities and medical institutions where they are required to coexist with humans.

High Performance Reduction Gears Realizing Silent and Precise Movement and Single-Stage High Reduction Ratio

Gears used in service robots need to meet specific requirements as well. They are required to be compact, silent and capable of precise operation. These specifications are fulfilled by Nidec Shimpo’s FLEXWAVE brand reducers and traction reducers. The former is a single-stage reducer realizing a high reduction ratio of 1/50~1/120 without any backlash, while the latter product group has a toothless design guaranteeing smooth operation and low noise/vibration.

The Nidec group has an extensive range of solutions for the robotics field. By combining our motor technology with our reducers, we can provide optimal solutions tailored to fit the requirements of our customers.

The Nidec Group Offers a Comprehensive Line-Up of Motors and Gears for Service Robots

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