Electronic & Optical Components

Nidec Group develops and manufactures optical system units, sensors, electronic devices, etc. The optical system unit has been developed without simple accumulation of optics, mechanics and electronics functions, but by overall optimization of the entire unit to realize the compact size and high function. Also, the sensors and electronics devices can have the low cost and high functions by cooperation in designing and manufacturing and by improvement of quality control in the production line.

Mechanical system components

Mechanical System Components

We have a lineup of mechanical system components such as plastic dies, plastic molded components, and ball screws.

Optical system units

Optical System Units

We have a lineup of image scanner units, which play core functions of copy machines and optical system units and components.



We have a lineup of encoders for motor positioning and speed control, and magnetic quantity sensors for appraisal authenticity by reading of magnetic ink.

Electronic system components

Electronic System Components

We offer electronic components for industrial equipment, measuring instruments, broadcast equipment, medical equipment, housing equipment, and office equipment.