Nidec Corporation
Tokyo Stock Exchange code: 6594

Nidec Corporation (TSE: 6594; OTC US: NJDCY) (the “Company”) announced today that it has been selected as one of the 20 Japanese companies (among 750 businesses in the world) in “World’s Best Companies 2023,” the first comprehensive analysis jointly conducted by TIME, a US weekly magazine, and Statista, a German operator of one of the world’s largest data platforms, to identify top-performing companies across the globe.

The ranking was compiled from the survey results of the following three areas based on the responses of approximately 150,000 people in 58 countries around the world:


1. Employee satisfaction survey
    - Responses from regular and part-time employees
    - Evaluation by the company’s own employees (general satisfaction level, image, atmosphere, working conditions,
      salary, and equality of the company)
    - Evaluation by others (evaluation of other companies in the same industry)

2. Revenue growth survey
    - Revenue of US$100 million or more in 2020
    - Revenue increase from 2020 – 2022 (absolute growth rate)
    - CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) to measure the company’s 2020 – 2022 revenue growth rate

3. ESG survey
    - The environment:
      Carbon intensity
      GHG (Greenhouse gas) reduction rate (2019-2021)
      CDP score

    - Social:
      Percentage of women among executives
      Presence/absence of human rights policies

    - Governance:
      GRI standards-based CSR report
      Presence/absence of legal compliance and anti-corruption guidelines


To view the details of the survey results, please click:

To achieve its FY2030 sales target of 10 trillion yen, and be a socially indispensable company for the next 100 years
and beyond, Nidec stays fully committed to promoting the prosperity and welfare of itself and all of its employees
under the “One Nidec” initiative.