The upcoming launch of 5G, the fifth generation of mobile communications technology, is expected to deliver a slew of benefits including dramatically higher data transfer rates and reduced latency. Coupled with advances in artificial intelligence, smartphones, servers and other devices and systems used in telecommunication are set to become even more powerful. But this trend does not come without its challenges; as the performance of devices increases, so do the requirements on thermal management.

Nidec has recently been working with end product manufacturers to pioneer the development of a number of solutions for smartphones designed to leverage the capabilities of 5G and maximize the enjoyment of video content. One example is our small precision geared actuator that controls the front-facing camera and allows it to emerge from the top of the phone, eliminating the need for bezels and notches. Another is our mechanical image stabilization module for smartphone cameras that reduces unwanted blur from camera shake. Now, Nidec presents a lineup of products with a different but synergistic goal: solving the thermal management issues of smartphones, servers and other devices with increased performance and advanced functions that come with 5G.

The thermal solutions to be exhibited at Nidec’s CES 2019 booth include light and powerful heat pipes, vapor chambers and thermal management modules. These products are ultrathin thermal solutions for mobile applications and high power thermal management products for telecommunication equipment. By complementing Nidec’s lineup of performance- and function-oriented products and fan-based cooling units for computers, servers and other devices, they allow us to serve our customers better and in a more comprehensive way.

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