September 06, 2022

Nidec Machine Tool Corporation announced today that it will exhibit some of its products at IMTS2022 (International Manufacturing Technology Show), the largest machine tool exhibition in the United States. In this event to be held at McCormick Place, Chicago from September 12 – 17, Nidec Machine Tool’s booth, featuring the corporate green color theme, will highlight the company’s integration into the Nidec Group after Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. sold its machine tool business to Nidec Corporation last August.

With the ongoing increase in the use of electric vehicles (EVs) around the world, Nidec Machine Tool will introduce a rich lineup of its products, including machine tools for gear production, cutting tools and general-purpose machines.

Nidec exhibit and demonstrate the high-efficiency, high speed hobbing machine, the GE15HS with full automation for mass production. In addition, the world’s only generating internal gear grinding machine, the ZI20A-G, will be featured with closed loop interaction with the Wenzel GT450 gear inspection machine, highlighting the technical collaboration between the two industry leaders. Both Nidec machines are designed for the manufacturing of EV transmission gears, and will support the increasing production in the future.

Designed for mass production, and to achieve the highest accuracy and productivity in the industry, both machines represent the highest development in gear manufacturing. Nidec Machine Tool, as comprehensive gear machine manufacturer, will introduce a rich lineup of its products, including the wide variety of efficient gear cutting tools. Nidec Machine Tool is poised to increase the presence of Nidec’s gear machines in the European market as it provides technically advanced and reliable solutions to manufacturers.

Details on the products

(1) Gear machines

Booth information: Booth No. 237036, North Building
Nidec Machine Tool America LLC (

Products to exhibit: Internal gear grinding machine ZI20A (Exhibit the actual machine.)
High-speed hobbing machine GE15HS
Federal Broach’s cutting tools

Important point: In this event, Nidec Machine Tool, a comprehensive geared machine manufacturer, will exhibit the complete lineup of its products together with Federal Broach’s cutting tools.  By demonstrating its local production-based product supply and support capabilities, the Nidec display its machine-tool integrated support system.  Also, by exhibiting the ZI20A-G generating internal gear grinder, Nidec Machine Tool offers solutions regarding the internal gear machining and grinding of transmission gears, with a focus on EV transmissions.  In addition, Nidec will propose how to use its high-speed hobbing machines to improve productivity.

(2) General-purpose machines

Booth information: Booth №. 338536, South Building
Yamazen Inc. (Nidec Machine Tool’s agency in the U.S.)
Product to exhibit: Portal-type five-sided processing machines of the MVR-Hx series (Show images and sample works.)
Important point: Nidec Machine Tool will show a video of MVR-Hx, the Company’s latest double-column, 5-face milling
machine (to be displayed for the first time in the U.S.), to demonstrate its high-level and diverse machining capabilities as well as its quick and detailed movements, while exhibiting sample works to appeal the machines’ processing accuracy.


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