Special Feature 2019 - Challenge to New Environmental Strategies

3. Smarter Product
— Energy-efficient and Environmentally Friendly Products

Contributing to SDG Goals 7 and 13 and Producing Products with Environmental Values More Quickly

More than a billion people are believed to be still living in areas without electricity, where the primary source of energy is thermal power, such as coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. Controlling CO2 emissions, the cause of climate change, requires a stable electric power supply to such no-electricity areas, followed by a supply of electricity produced from CO2-free renewable energies.
The Nidec Group has so far provided environmentally friendly products with energy-saving and long-life features, typified by energy-efficient brushless DC motors; now, however, based on what’s happening in the world, we are focused on providing products that contribute to realizing a sustainable, electrified society powered by renewable energies. Using electricity storage systems that help stabilize renewable energy supply, lightweight and high-power traction motors that are key to spreading EVs, blade pitch control motors that maximize the amount of wind that wind power generators can receive, and so many other products, the Nidec Group stays committed to curbing climate change.

Future that Nidec foresees and its areas of focus

Industrial electric motor systems account for one-third of the increase in power demand. Increase in income levels helps home appliances to spread in the world.
With the widespread use of electric vehicles (more than 200million in the world), the electricity needs for vehicles increase. The global diffusion of more advanced infrastructure systems accelerates.

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