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Special Feature 2019 - Challenge to New Environmental Strategies

Although global efforts have been made to address climate change issues beyond the boundaries of countries and companies, the international community has not yet come up with clear solutions to the issues. The Nidec Group will take a new step to make a further contribution to resolving climate change issues in response to requests from society.

Past issues

1. Global Trends and Nidec's Efforts for the Environment

The Nidec Group, a global manufacturer, must contribute to resolving climate change issues. We will continue to respond to requests for climate change measures based on social views and global trends.

2. Smarter Operation
— Implementing SMART 2030 to Innovate Ourselves

In 2019, the Nidec Group launched its new strategic climate change initiative, SMART2030, to accelerate the pace of its decarbonization while eyeing an electric future.

3. Smarter Product
— Energy-efficient and Environmentally Friendly Products

The Nidec Group supplies innovative products that contribute to realizing a decarbonized society. We maximize the environmental performance of all of our products to constantly create values that reduce and curb climate change.

4. Smarter Action
— Strong Action by Individual Employees

A large amount of CO2 is generated from people's daily lives, not just as a result of industrial activities. As members of the global community, we address the issue of curbing CO2 emissions, with a sense of mission based on the One Nidec initiative.

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