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Special Feature 2016 - Nidec's Medium-term Strategic Goal Vision 2020

Bringing Smiles to People’s Faces by Connecting the World with Products That Spin and Move

A new world is coming where connections between things and between people and things dramatically change people’s lives and society. Nidec connects people with things by providing products that spin and move, that enrich people’s lives, and that contribute to the conservation of the global environment. Nidec’s attempt to realize a future filled with people’s smiles has already begun.

Medium-term Strategic Goal “Vision 2020”

*Sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. It is a core notion in “Our Common Future,” a report that the UN’s World Commission on Environment and Development released in 1987. This notion—which views the environment and development as elements that can coexist in harmony, not in conflict—advocates environmentally friendly, well-modulated development.

Sales Target Based on Vision 2020

Aiming to achieve 2 trillion yen in FY2020 and 10 trillion yen in FY2030

After its Group-wide net sales exceeded 1 trillion yen in FY2014, Nidec set as its next milestone net sales of 2 trillion yen in FY2020. For the past decade or so, Nidec has been largely dependent on the IT market. As part of its effort to reduce this dependency, Nidec will further transform its business portfolio by focusing more on the automotive, appliance, commercial, and industrial markets. This is in line with the goals of Vision 2020, the medium-term strategic initiative launched in FY2016. The company is targeting 2 trillion yen in net sales in FY2020, followed by an even larger net sales target of 10 trillion yen in FY2030.

Ever since its foundation, Nidec has focused on the development, manufacturing, and sale of motors. Without a doubt, Nidec’s core competence is its motor-based driving technology, which Nidec has established by responding to the market’s latest needs. Going forward, Nidec will need to expand its horizons and evolve itself by anticipating what will happen in the near future. Thus Nidec will evolve into a solution company based on its manufacturing capabilities, while considering what will be needed for the future of the global environment and accurately responding to future issues in society.

1. Becoming a Solution Company That Supports People's Lives and the Global Envirionment

What will motors, whose main job is to move things, be able to do if they are provided with information-handling functions? Motors and other driving systems operating all over the world, if interconnected as one, will bring about numerous solutions that no one has ever thought of.

2. The Future Has Already Begun

In 1979, the hard disk drive (HDD) brushless DC motors that Nidec commercialized ahead of other companies in the world made possible the production of compact computers. Likewise, the Nidec Group’s products and services will bring dramatic changes to people’s lives and society – such a future has already started.

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