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Special Feature 2022 - Integrated Report 2022

We started issuing Nidec Integrated Report in fiscal 2021, reflecting our motivation to give a fresh insight into our historical, ongoing strengths and weaknesses in the context of the rapid paradigm shift now getting underway. In Integrated Report 2022, we have enhanced key contents such as the explanation about M&A and the value creation process by reviewing both what we have done so far and the current environment surrounding Nidec. Also contents such as the progress of various initiatives related to the ESG materiality issues identified last year, an outline of the new medium-term strategic goal “Vision 2025,” and our technology, human resources and financial strategies strongly help our stakeholders understand the sustainability of the Nidec Group. The main contents of "Integrated Report 2022" are excerpted and posted on this website.

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Integrated Report 2022

Integrated Report 2022

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