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Special Feature 2015 - Looking Ahead 100 Years to Evolve into a Truly Indispensable Business

The Nidec Group aims to continue as an indispensable company even 100 years from now, by solving social issues and contributing to social development through its business activities. This section features the challenges the Nidec Group faces, as the world’s No.1 motor manufacturer, helping to solve the problems confronting the world via its products and technologies.


1. Reducing the World’s CO₂ Emissions
2. Solving Power Shortage Across the World
3. Working Toward Zero Traffic Accidents

1. Reducing the World's CO₂ Emissions

With 1/4 of the world’s CO₂ emissions generated from transportation machinery, reducing vehicle CO₂ emissions is essential in addressing this escalating emissions problem. The Nidec Group provides various products that help reduce such vehicle CO₂ emissions.

2. Solving Power Shortage Across the World

Power is increasingly consumed in newly emerging economies and other parts of the world, and this trend is a major issue especially with India, a rapidly developing nation with the second largest population in the world. The Nidec Group hopes to contribute to solving this issue by providing the country with high-performance motors, which are essential in improving India’s power usage efficiency.

3. Working Toword Zero Traffic Accidents

As the development of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), a system aimed to eliminate all traffic accidents, progresses rapidly in recent years, the Nidec Group contributes to making safer cars by providing its three technologies critical for the system.

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