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Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

It is becoming more vociferous in people’s demands for safety with peace of mind for both drivers and pedestrians.To meet those demands, we provide Millimetric Rader Units, Forward sensing ameras and furthermore, we provide products which provide high image recognition and its control, by combining the technology of raders and cameras.


Because of tighter fuel consumption regulations to prevent the global warming, it is the current trend to shift from the engine driven to the motor drive for the fuel economy improvements of the system itself. This trend creates the increasing demands of motors, especially, Nidec’s transmission actuators have been widely used in the market and withstand the severe environmental conditions.


Nidec provides high quality ECU that is very critical to the vehicle control. Especially, the usage ratio of Electric Power Steering(EPS)has been rapidly increasing due to the high contribution of the improvement of the fuel economy. And we are the world’s largest manufacturer of EPS motors. Also, our ECU, which control EPS motors, are also in production with high quality in the field.


We provide motors for devices which improve the comfort of the driver and passengers. Also utilization ratio of motors has been increasing thanks to the high-capacity battery which is used for hybrid vehicles. We provide not only motor products but also modularized products, like geared motors and ECU integrated motors,

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