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Air Conditioners

We contribute to the evolution of air-conditioners with our energy-saving, high-efficient BLDC motor, which leads our competition. Our AC motor, which has high demand in emerging countries, is developed with high performance and compact at a competitive price.


High energy-saving and Low-Noise performance is desired for refrigerators which run throughout a year. We have a variety of fans in our line-up to satisfy the needs. We also provide driving mechanism modules and get the highest market share in the field.


Nidec provides a full range of motors, especially designed for horizontal axis washers, fulfilling the most advanced standards. Increased efficiency for environment preservation, reduced noise for comfort of use makes Nidec the preferred independent partner for advanced drive solution worldwide. Full support to customers include expertise in electronic drives and a worldwide network to serve every region locally. For dryers, especially dedicated to the high-end market, and Nidec BLDC motors for dryer are the preferred solution for European region in the most advanced efficiency classes. Designed ahead of European regulations on energy labeling, Nidec motors stand out for their robust design.


Nidec motorpumps for dishwashers are the result of deep knowledge and optimization in both electro-mechanic and hydraulic components. Outstanding results in vibration and noise performance are obtained thanks to optimization of magnetic configuration, allowing Nidec customers to achieve silent operation and low consumptions. Integration of heater is an available option.

Vacuum Cleaners

BLDC motor characteristic such as small, light-weight and high efficiency, completely meets the cleaner needs to be robotic cleaner and cordless cleaner (recent stick type cleaner), and it makes the cleaner performance much better.

Bathroom Dryer/Bathroom Heater

Our latest BLDC motors connect directly to the AC supply and are available with the same mountings and with 3 sizes of fan blades to allow interchangeability. It is classed with IP66.

Sanitary/Water Supply Utilities

In the globally growing sanitary market, Nidec serves a variety of products for the high-functional sanitary products.

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