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Golf & Utility Vehicles

We design and manufacture low voltage (typically 36 - 72V) AC and DC traction motors for battery operated golf and utility vehicles ranging from 3kW to 8kW. We have developed complete drive systems including AC and DC traction controllers, battery chargers and transaxle and transmission products that serve the Golf, Utility and rapidly growing Low Speed Electric Vehicle markets in US, Europe and Asia. We also supply a complete line of starter-generator motors used for internal combustion engine vehicles in this same market.

Electric vehicles

We design and manufacture AC and DC traction motors for battery vehicles ranging from 1kW to 200kW. We have developed complete drive systems including AC and DC traction motors, controllers, battery chargers and transaxle and transmission products for golf & utility vehicles and low speed electric vehicle, and provide motors to serve the high speed electric vehicle, electric commercial vehicle and electric bus.


Nidec offers the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning market segments a comprehensive product portfolio consisting of both Electronically Commutated motors 1/8Hp up to 10Hp, and Induction motors 1/50Hp up to 10hp. To support our customers Nidec offers multiple manufacturing locations providing manufacturing redundancy of many products as well as flexibility to manage regional costs.


Our pump motors offer a broad range of high efficiency, dependable motor solutions. The benefits include leading technology in robust induction motors, Brushless Motor Technology (BPM) and integrated, intelligent electronic drives that are designed to be easy to use when combined with a pump. The combination creates a superior pump system that delivers high efficiency, seamless functionality and integration.

Elevator Package Solutions

Elevators & Escalators Solutions
We provide a single source for elevator & escalator solutions – designing and manufacturing the industry’s most sophisticated elevator controls and gearless machines for modernization and new construction projects. Powered by our home-made controls and machines, we offer one of the safest, most reliable and highest performance horizontal & vertical transportation solutions in the industry, which meet a wide range of applications: machine room-less (MRL) elevators, machine-room elevators, hydraulic elevators and special elevators for vehicle lifts, escalators & moving walks, etc.

Food & Commercial Equipments

Nidec is the market leader in designing and manufacturing custom motors, gear motors and pumps for Commercial Food Equipment. Our world wide sales network in Europe, America, and Asia covers the following market segment:
· Pumps and AC Motors for Commercial Dishwashers
· AC Motors for Commercial Convection and Combi Ovens
· AC Motors for Commercial Slicers
· AC Motors for Coffee Grinders
· AC Gear Motors and Pumps for Ice Makers

ATM・CD・Payment Kiosks / Ticketing Machines / Retail Terminals

With our highly reliable and secure products for ATM / Cash Dispenser, which our products are originally designed for, Nidec expands business to other market segments, such as Public Transportation, Retail, Medical and Amusement.

Laser Markers

Nidec is developing a laser marker with features including high quality marking, high-speed marking compactness, low power consumption and high customizability with combining image processing, thermal control, media transport and the laser technologies.

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