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Electronic Parts & Sensors

Electronic Parts / Sensors related to the Nidec Group


Our 3 types of contact potentiometers − winding resistor element, conductive plastic element and its noncontact potentiometer − are used for positioning and as angle sensors in a wide variety of applications.


These products are used for program settings, circuit configuration and circuit switching, such as in information systems, communications equipment, control equipment and measurement devices.

Circuit Protection Components

The PRCP is a self-resettable-type overcurrent protection component used in polymer PTC thermistors. By removing the cause of the overcurrent, this is a product that can be used repeatedly. The C-FAP is a semiconductor overcurrent protection component with a fast response and self-recovery to surge currents and overcurrent.

Pressure Sensors

Our product lineup features pressure transducers, pressure transducers with amps, pressure switches, pressure display devices, pressure indicators and more. Furthermore, our products can measure wide pressure ranges, such as vacuum pressure, gauge pressure (1kPa ‒ 35MPa) and differential pressure. The pressure mediums of gas, fluids, corrosive gases and others are compatible.

Encoder Sensors

Our 3 types of encoders − optical, magnetic, and laser − meet customers' diverse requirements with a product range from compact low-torque types to ultra-high-resolution high-grade types.

Fluid Leak Sensors

This product is used for the fluid leak detection in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. This eliminates the use of gobos and achieves highly sensitive detection.

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