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The World where everything is connected via Internet

Nidec’s Smarctory
Germany's Industry 4.0 focuses on the manufacturing industry, in automating the process of making things by connecting industrial equipment, in using collected data towards increasing productivity through yield improvement, and in deepening collaboration between companies participating in the supply chain. Nidec, as a professional in production, is working towards IoT production equipment, offering a variety of solutions for the IoT era.

IoT related to the Nidec Group

IoT Gateway (IoT GW)

Attaching this gateway to a piece of equipment enables wireless communication with machines that would otherwise be incapable of wireless transmission.

IPS (Indoor Positioning System)

Nidec is a designated distributor of Indoor Positioning System(IPS) developed by Quuppa Oy of Finland. Quuppa’s system detects the angle of arrival of radio waves, and calculates with advanced signal processing so as to obtain the position of the BLE( Bluetooth Low Energy)device in the format of “coordinate data”, on real-time basis with high accuracy. BLE device has been rapidly spreading at good cost, and Quuppa system visualize the location and movement of people/things both for indoors and outdoors, enabling various types of analysis that contributes to improvement of work efficiency and security.

Vision Sensors (VS Series)

An image sensor targeting versatility and cost reduction. It achieves high cost performance and accommodates a wide range of applications.

Modular Automation Line

Labor-saving, productivity and quality improvement with modularization of the assembly and inspection. It ispossible to build the optimal line layout according to the applicationand purpose.

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