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HDD Motors and Base Plates

While conventional HDD motors use ball bearings in the bearing unit, FDB motor uses fluid oil between the shaft and sleeve. While at rotation, the motor uses the pressure (dynamics) from the fluid to support the shaft. Compared to the ball bearing design, FDB motors offer better shock resistance and increased rotational accuracy due to smaller rotational fluctuation. This enables HDDs to carry higher capacity. In addition because there’s no direct contact between the shaft and sleeve, FDB motors are quieter. The bearing unit can also be made increasingly smaller.


Because of heat generation increase caused by data transaction volume expansion, Nidec Ultra Flo which can realize high airflow, high static pressure, high efficiency, low noise, and low vibration is used for a lot of applications in these fields.

Small Precision Motors

Motors are used in a wide variety of fields, including IT and office equipment, home appliances and audio and video equipment, and automobiles, as well as industrial equipment.

Digital Cameras / Camera Components

Camera modules for mobile equipment require extremely high precision and must be extremely compact and flat, highly accurate, durable, and low in power consumption. We have developed highly functional high-reliability products based on our optical, actuator, and super-high precision processing technologies.

Machining Parts

With the precision processing technologies combined with cutting processing by machining centers and NC lathes and including assembly goods, we produce processed goods meeting customer needs.

High-Precision Gears

Office Automation Equipment (Inkjet Printer Driving Gears, Laser Printer Driving Gears, etc) Automobiles (Driving System Parts for Inlet Pipes, Gears for Power Seat Drive, etc)

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