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Processing / Inspection Equipment

Processing / Inspection Equipment related to the Nidec Group

Printed Circuit Board / Continuity Inspection System

This equipment offer to conduct open/leak inspections on motherboards, as well as many other printed circuit boards. They can be flexibly configured according to applications in terms of size, type and the number of test pins required.

Optical Vision Inspection System / Semiconductor−Oriented Products

This equipment serves to conduct open/leak inspection of printedpatterns within photomasks and inner/outer layers. These systems are also used to measure the shape of via holes and solder bumps and to find scratches and stains on wafers and substrates.

Semiconductor Package / Continuity Inspection System

This equipment is carrying out open/leak inspection on semiconductor package(MCM/CSP/BGA) and is available for a wide spectrum of middle to large-sized circuit substrates.

Press Machines

Utilizing the technology, production sites, and sales networks of MINSTER, KYORI, ARISA, and VAMCO, we handle from small-sized to large-sized automatic press machines and peripheral equipment.

Measurement / Assembly Equipment

We are involved in a technical revolution for measuring equipment by developing high value-added products that spur on the development of Automatical Measuring Machine and image processing technologies, We respond to the varied needs of our customers with advanced processing technologies.

Precision Measuring Instruments

Nidec provides three categories of measurements, which contribute to the customer's quality improvements. 1) Speed meter which counts the revolution of the rotation, 2) Torque meter and 3) Push/pull gauge which numerically controls at high precision.

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