The CSR that Nidec Aims to Achieve

From Our CSR Officer

Akira Sato
Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As Nidec grows larger, as a company aiming to achieve its FY2020 net sales target of 2 trillion yen and 10 trillion yen thereafter, so does its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

With motors consuming, according to some estimates, approximately half of all the electricity generated in the world, we as the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturer that supplies any and all kinds of energy-saving motors, intend to contribute to society through our business activities first and foremost. In addition, our CSR comprises the sincerity with which we conduct our business, and our outside-work social contributions.

In 2015, the United Nations adopted “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” for 2030. These goals depict in detail how the world should be in the future, in 17 different areas. These are the goals that nations and regions in the world should share with one another, and accordingly we, as a company engaging in business widely around the world, need to thoroughly understand the goals’ importance.

Aiming to achieve our target net sales of 10 trillion yen, we intend to integrate our core, driving technology nurtured on our motor production, with control, communications, and other new technologies, to evolve into a “global comprehensive electromechanical device manufacturer that solves issues facing the world.” Thus, Nidec will achieve its CSR with each of its employees contemplating and accumulating what he/she can do to create both social values and economic ones for the company’s growth.

Your continued understanding and advice will truly be appreciated.