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Message from Our CSR Officer

It is essential to realize a decarbonized society to contribute to creating a sustainable society, in order to remain a company needed in society.

Message from Our CSR Officer

Global trends accelerating toward the decarbonization of society

Over the past few years, extreme weather events considered to be caused by climate change have occurred frequently across the world, and have done serious damage to various areas. In Japan, too, record-breaking heavy rains and intense heat have often occurred, and more and more people really feel the impact of climate change than ever before.
Under these circumstances, trends toward environmental regulations in the global business environment are further accelerating. The Paris Agreement, adopted in December 2015, aims to limit the rise in average global temperatures to below 2°C of pre-industrial averages, with efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C. Although the international community focused on achieving the goal of limiting global warming to 2°C at that time, an increasing number of countries mainly in Europe currently aim to attain the challenging goal of limiting the temperature rise to 1.5°C. This situation proves that climate change issues have become increasingly critical, and that the international community has become more united toward realizing a decarbonized society.

The Nidec Group's new challenge

In the situation where environmental regulations are strengthened to realize a decarbonized society, the Nidec Group, which has 348 companies and 106,592 employees and operates its business worldwide, takes on a great responsibility. We believe that it is essential to realize a decarbonized society to contribute to creating a sustainable society, in order to stay competitive as a socially desirable business even 100 years from now and to remain a company needed in society.
To fulfil this responsibility, the Nidec Group has thus far provided various environmentally friendly products. For instance, we have helped reduce environmental burdens by offering energy-efficient motors to cut power consumption. We have also taken the lead in promoting conversion from gasoline-powered vehicles to electric vehicles by actively offering traction motors used to propel electric vehicles.
Nidec announces that it will achieve carbon neutrality in fiscal 2040 as a major pillar of its new medium-term strategic goal Vision 2025 and materiality initiatives, with the aim of contributing to the realization of a carbon-free society. To achieve this target, we will first aim to substantially reduce the CO2 that Nidec emits directly through its business activities at present (Scope 1), and CO2 that is emitted in the production stage of heat or energy used in business activities (Scope 2), by making our businesses more energy efficient and proactively introducing renewable energies. After building a solid foundation for renewable energy oriented CO2 emissions reduction, we will promote a shift to energy-saving, low-carbon fuels and employ carbon offset investments and other measures, thereby achieving carbon neutrality in our business activities in fiscal 2040.
The Nidec Group continues to conduct business activities with the belief that we will contribute to the world by making products that spin and move.

Fumiaki Ushio
Senior Vice President

What Shapes Our CSR

Since its foundation in 1973, Nidec has been engaged in business with the following mission statement as the basis of its business management: “Contribute to the development of society and the welfare of the general public around the world by supplying the highest quality products with our sincere and enthusiastic dedication to the trinity of technology, expertise, and modern science,” and “Promote the prosperity of our society, our company, and all of our employees.”
In 2008, we established three basic management creeds and the CSR Charter. The basic management creed states three principles: “Employment stability based on sustainable business growth,” “Available supply of the highest quality, indispensable, and widely desired products for the common good of all,” and “Pursuit of the top leader position in each of the company's chosen paths.”
We will implement the following three actions according to the spirits of the mission statement and the three basic management creeds: 1) social contribution through business activities, 2) sincere business management, and 3) social contribution through non-business activities.
Through these actions, we hope to contribute to creating a society where people can live comfortably even 100 years from now, and to stay competitive as a socially desirable business even at that time.

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