The CSR that Nidec Aims to Achieve

Mission Statement and Three Basic Management Creed

Nidec has since its establishment in 1973 followed a "Corporate Aim" that is the basis of its operations. Since the time of its establishment, Nidec has, its eyes also firmly on the world outside Japan, conducted its business with social contribution in mind. Furthermore, in 2008, the "Mission Statement and Three Basic Management Creeds" were established and implemented in all group companies; thus, showing our determination to grow to a company that will one day lead the world.

Mission Statement

The aim of Nidec Corporation is to contribute to the development of our society and welfare of the general public all over the world by supplying them with the highest quality products with our sincere and enthusiastic dedication to the trinity of technology, skillfulness and modern science, and thus to promote the prosperity of society, our company and all our employees.

Mission Statement and Three Basic Management Creeds

Mission Statement and Three Basic Management Creeds

Generating Employment Opportunities Is The Most Noble Contribution A Company Can Make to Society.

Nidec Group attaches importance to securing human resources befitting the global expansion of its business.
There is an urgent need for Japanese employees to improve their language skills since an increasing number of local people are being recruited and virtually every company organization - including R&D, production, and sales - are expanding operations overseas.

Supply Products That Fulfill Needs Worldwide.

It is believed that motors consume more than 50% of electricity used worldwide. In light of such circumstances, Nidec Group is working to reduce the power consumption of various products and, thus, reducing overall environmental load by developing highly energy-efficient supply motors to the global market. We believe that environment-friendly motors are the "products that the world needs."

Continuously Strive to Be The World's Best in Any Endeavour.

There are innumerable products in our lives that "spin" and "move" including home appliances, IT/audio & visual equipment, automobiles and industrial machinery. Nidec Group, which places importance on its world's No.1 share of the market, has achieved this position due to the many high-quality, low-cost motors the company supplies to a wide range of industries.

Corporate Philosophy

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