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Nidec’s CSR at a Glance

What is CSR?

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the responsibility that a company has to fulfill in its activity as a member of the society. Typical CSR-related fields include respect for human rights, labor ethics, health and safety, environmental conservation, and coexisting with local communities.

Companies engage in business activities in a complex of interactions with people, organization, regions and countries. The basic idea of CSR is that a company should be of their help while always ensuring not to cause any troubles. In other words, taking CSR actions means a company attempts to make its business activities better for society. Social contributions such as donations and volunteering are just one aspect of CSR, but they are not all of CSR.

Along with their globally spreading business areas, companies have significantly increased their influence on the world. On the other hand, the adverse effects of globalization appeared as companies went beyond their countries’ boarders to start business overseas. In the 1990s, for example, companies that forced local workers in countries with underdeveloped legislation to work under harsh working conditions were criticized. In response to these problems, international and other institutions launched projects to coordinate views on CSR from global perspectives. The United Nations Global Compact, established in 1999, requires companies to address social issues, gaining support of many companies around the world now.

In addition, the United Nations adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015 to eradicate poverty and make the world a better place. The SDGs, which aim to bring an end to any and all forms of poverty, requires companies to launch climate change and environmental conservation strategies while promoting economic growth and meeting a wide range of social needs, including education, health, social protection, and employment opportunities. The SDGs’ 17 goals, including “No poverty,” “Zero hunger,” “Good health and well-being,” and “Climate action,” are agreed upon worldwide as actions that companies should proactively address in their CSR activities.

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The Nidec Group’s CSR

Contributing to the Global Society with Products that Spin and Move

“A nimble giant” – Nidec Group has expanded its business by flexibly adapting to the rapidly changing business environment, turning into a global enterprise with more than 100,000 employees.

The thrust of our founding thoughts are:
- To pursue the prosperity of society, our company and all of our employees by supplying highest quality products.
- To be dedicated to the development of technology, skills, and modern science.

Not only do Nidec’s core values in our Corporate Philosophy remain unchanged, but also we have gained new perspectives through the social changes.

While globalization has enabled companies to launch business in any and all countries and regions around the world easily, those companies must not only comply with a minimum set of local rules, but also engage in business based on international standards to be locally recognized as valuable. Continuing business in such a society requires companies to be entities that everyone needs and hopes to have around. In this regard, Nidec places emphasis on three viewpoints, i.e., “Make products that promotes both social development and environmental conservation,” “Operate business with sincerity,” and “Contribute to local communities even outside business as corporate citizen” to identify what we need to do to be a socially desired business even 100 years from now.

Contributing to the Society via Main Business

Nidec’s primary mission is to provide the world with indispensable products to support the society’s steady development. With motors estimated to consume approximately 50% of the world’s power consumption, Nidec’s products are used in all products in people’s daily lives. We will remain committed to integrating motor-oriented drive technologies with control, communications, and other new technologies to provide solutions for issues faced by the world.

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Doing Business with Sincerity

Ever since its foundation in 1973, Nidec has been engaging in business with sincerity based on its corporate aims. Growing from a small start-up with only a few employees to a global enterprise with approximately 100,000 employees around the world, we have adapted changes to become a larger, better company through a series of difficulties. The only thing that has never changed is the “high road of business management,” to act properly based on the proper method. In addition, as a CSR Office was established in our company in 2008, we formulated “Basic Management Creed” and “CSR Charter.” The “CSR Charter” is a set of guiding principles on Nidec’s relationship with the society, to realize our “Mission Statement” and “Basic Management Creed,” and it was made based on the 10 principles in the four categories of the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative. We participated in the initiative in 2015, when Nidec was ready to join the program, and expressed our support once again for the 10 principles in the four categories (human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption) that the United Nations advocates. We are also under the process of designing labor, health and safety, the environment, ethics, and management systems based on the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct(RBA), a code of conduct established by the electronics industry for the entire supply chain’s business activities.

Social Contributions outside Business

While seeking profit via business activities, we aim to be evaluated as part of the society as well. Each of the Nidec Group’s facility all around the world proactively engages in community-based social contribution programs, including planting mangrove trees to curb CO2 emissions and provide home to living organisms, and holding environmental classes for elementary school students using Nidec’s motors to help raise their environmental consciousness.


For more details on individual regions’ social action programs, please click here.

As we strive to become “a socially desired business even 100 years from now,” the Nidec Group’s CSR activities evolve as the global society evolves.

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