Contribution to Environment through Products and Solutions

In its Environmental Philosophy, NIDEC Group recognizes that the permanent preservation of the global environment is an important issue shared by all humankind. We believe that providing products and solutions which solve environmental issues through our business activities is an important mission.
We will develop and provide products and solutions that contribute to reducing the environmental impact of society, such as by reducing the amount of materials used and power consumption, by pursuing
Light, thin, short and small, and high energy efficiency.

Environment-contributing Products

We introduce the NIDEC Group's efforts to reduce environmental impact and decarbonize, as well as examples of environment-contributing products.

Introduction to Products with Environment-friendly Design

It summarizes examples of environmentally conscious design and the effects that can be obtained. We introduce examples of product design that leads to material reduction.

Awards for Nidec's Eco-friendly Design

With the aim of "developing environmental management" and "creating an environmental culture" toward the realization of a sustainable society, companies and organizations throughout Japan are commending excellent environmental management practices and their achievements.

Role of Brushless DC Motors in Environmental Conservation

Brushless DC motors have many environmental benefits such as energy saving and long life. Introduces the features and advantages of brushless DC motors.

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