Climate Change Countermeasures

As the global trend toward decarbonization is accelerating due to the climate-related issues are more serious, we have worked to reduce CO2 emissions in our business activities (Scope 1 and 2) since FY2004 as a global company. Currently, we are working to achieve carbon neutrality by FY2040, which we set in our new medium-term strategic goal, “Vision 2025”. In addition, we are considering to set CO2 reduction plan in our supply chain (Scope 3), and we will focus on developing and supplying products that contribute to decarbonization.

Initiatives related to the TCFD Recommendations

We announced our support for the TCFD recommendations in April 2022. We disclose information on "governance," "strategy," "risk management," and "indexes and targets" in accordance with the TCFD recommendations.

Reducing CO2 Emissions from Our Business Activity

We are promoting two initiatives, improving the energy efficiency of our own business and implementing renewable energy, to aim to achieve carbon neutrality in our business activities by FY 2040.

Reducing CO2 in Supply Chain and Product Use

We are working to identify and disclose CO2 emissions in our supply chain and product usage. We will set reduction targets and work to reduce emissions throughout the supply chain in the future.

Calculation Method for CO2 Emissions

We will explain how to calculate CO2 emissions.

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