Environmental Management

We established a company-wide environmental philosophy in 2003. We strive to coexist with nature through facing various problems such as global warming and depletion of resources in the 21st century, which is said to be the "century of the environment".
In recent years, corporate social responsibility has been attracting attention, and we recognize that environmental conservation measures and information disclosure are particularly important responsibilities that companies should fulfill as members of society.
Under the slogan "Let's hand down the beautiful earth, one step forward with our own hands", we are working to strengthen our environmental management.

Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy

With a keen awareness that ongoing conservation of the global environment is a task common to all humankind, we will fulfill our social responsibilities by working to reduce environmental load by carrying out eco-friendly business activities.

Promotion System

We are promoting activities to prevent global warming and reduce environmental impact in the design, development and production of motor products and related parts. We have determined the direction of each activity, established a system for effective implementation, and expand our efforts globally.

Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan

Nidec set its targets in the four areas of (i) business-based environmental burden reduction, (ii) product-based environmental contribution, (iii) environmental management and (iv) environmental conservation, and is taking action to achieve its medium-term environmental conservation plan.

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