Our Contributions to Society

Basic philosophy

The Nidec Group stipulates in its CSR Charter that we respect the cultures and customs of the countries and regions where we do business, and maintain a good harmony with society. It is for this purpose that our individual business sites have project-specific secretariats, communicate with people of local communities, and launch activities that contribute to mitigating and solving issues that are identified in such communications and that may impact the future, to serve as a corporate citizen rooted in each community.

Conservation of the Natural Environment

Nidec's Contribution in Education

With a particular focus on education for children, who will lead our future, Nidec has been actively expanding the area of activities, including the long-lasting school visit program to hold a class for elementary school children, co-sponsoring a project to educate junior and senior high school students on the fun of making things, and launching a course jointly with a university to train young researchers.

Disaster Relief Support

To contribute to making regional communities better places for their residents to live in, Nidec executed an agreement with the town of Shimosuwa, Nagano Prefecture, and the Higashi-Omi Police Station of Shiga Prefecture, to support evacuees and launch emergency measures during a disaster.

Fundraising, Donation and Regional Contributions

Closely communicating with local communities, Nidec’s business sites inside and outside Japan implement actions to help solve issues that are identified and that may impact the future.

Action Album

Looking ahead to the future of the regional societies where it operates, the Nidec Group engages in a variety of activities in those places around the world.

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