Basic Concept

In the course of developing a pool of challenge-seeking, globally competent human resources, and based on its three challenges, i.e. “Passion, Enthusiasm and Tenacity,” “Intelligent Hard Working,” and “Do it now, Do it without fail, Do it until it’s completed,” Nidec is cultivating a diversity-rich work environment that brings out the best in every individual.

Employment Creation / Improving Employee Satisfaction

Nidec aspires to become a global organization that creates employment all over the world in accordance with its business development and company growth, in order to realize its management philosophy that “The greatest social contribution is to create employment.”

Respect and Promote Diversity

Nidec believes that it can most effectively accommodate constantly changing business environments and diversifying customer needs, and create corporate values, by respecting and accepting a diversity of differences and utilizing them to the maximum extent.

Human Resource Development

Fostering internationally competent talent is essential in achieving our sustainable growth for 100 years and beyond.

Health & Safety and Well-being

Nidec promotes a health-focused management, and monitors its employees’ health and safety based on the themes, “Build a safe and comfortable work environment” and “Maintain and promote employees’ safety and health.”

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