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To stay competitive as a socially desirable business even 100 years from now essentially requires us to train our employees based on a long-term plan so that they become a group of people who can work actively on a global stage. We will train our employees to become able to bring about an age of change, and work globally based on the three attitudes, “Passion, Enthusiasm, Tenacity,” “Working hard and smart,” and “Do it now; do it without hesitation; do it until completed.”

Global Human Resources that Nidec Seeks

As the Nidec Group aims to achieve sales of two trillion yen in FY2020 and 10 trillion yen in 2030 as a global company, it places paramount importance on training its employees to be able to work globally. Those who can focus only on specific areas such as Japan and Asia cannot work with the entire world. Globalization is about interacting with different cultures and establishing diversity. The Nidec Group thinks that the following three capabilities are especially required of people to be able to work globally:

At our Global Training Center, we train employees to acquire these three capabilities.

Global Human Resources Training Program

The fourth year of Nidec Global Business School started in August 2019, and the Third Next Generation Global Business Leader Training started in May of the same year.
To train employees to become managers and leaders and run Nidec as a global company that grow sustainably for the next 100 years, we launched a Nidec Global Business School in FY2016, followed by a Next-generation Manager Training Program in FY2017 to train employees to be candidates for the school early enough. So far, 152 employees from 14 countries around the world (Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, India, Italy, Germany, France, the UK, and Poland) have completed the training in either of the programs, and are working successfully as global leaders in their countries and regions.
The company also launched an overseas trainee program in December 2017, to promote employees to work at the Nidec Group’s overseas sites on an OJT basis to polish their foreign language fluency and learn business customs. FY2019 saw a total of eight, mostly young employees from development, research, sales, administrative, and other departments dispatched to the US and Europe under this program.

FY Events
2017 Next Generation Global Business Leader Training starts.
Overseas trainee program starts.
2016 Nidec Global Business School opens.
2015 Nagamori Business School is established. Nidec Motor College starts.
2013 Internal language school opens with fluency level-based English lessons.
Training programs are offered to group companies as well.
2012 Professional skill training programs start for engineers, sales personnel, etc.
Challenge seminars, correspondence education programs (strategic thinking, leadership skills, etc.), and other programs start.
2010 A company-wide TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test is held (twice a year). English learning seminars are held at individual business sites.

“The Challenging Road”
The booklet that describes Mr. Nagamori’s business
and action philosophies, as well as
Nidec’s business policies and the Nagamori-ism

In addition, the company sent “The Challenging Road,” the book filled with Mr. Nagamori’s philosophies and behavioral principles, all over the world in 12 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, and Slovak) to convey the Nidec Policy and the Nagamori-ism to employees.

Establishing the “Nidec Way”

Hirofumi Iizuka
General Manager
Business Planning Department, Planning Division, Business Group 2, Automotive Motor & Electronic Control Business Unit
Nidec Corporation

In January 2015, the Nidec Group established the “Nidec Way” as a code of conduct for all Nidec Group employees.
The Nidec Group has grown larger through M&A, and is now operating in more than 30 countries as it starts the second phase of its growth. Against this backdrop, the Nidec Way is needed for Nidec to be a global company that will continue to grow 100 years from now and beyond.
Individual employees are the driving force of any business organization. However, as an organization grows larger, it becomes more difficult for its increasingly diverse employees to move in a single direction. The Nidec Way establishes a sequence of three elements—Core Belief, Mindset, and Action—so that Nidec employees can easily understand the Nidec Way and move in the same direction by following the given sequence.
We first established an in-house cross-organizational project team, and learned the fundamental business philosophies of Shigenobu Nagamori, the Group’s founder. Then we initiated discussions on the Nidec Way, and collected information on companies throughout the world known for their excellence. During this process we realized the universality of the “aspiration and tenacity” philosophy, which is the core driver of our Group’s growth, and reconfirmed once again how excellent this philosophy is. We successfully integrated this philosophy into the Nidec Way as part of its “Action” element. Let us frequently share the Nidec Way among ourselves as we move forward, ensuring our Group’s continuing “growth over the next 100 years and beyond.”

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