Employment Creation / Improving Employee Satisfaction

Employment Creation

Nidec aspires to become a global organization that creates employment all over the world in accordance with its business development and company growth, in order to realize its management philosophy that “The greatest social contribution is to create employment.”

With the company's expansion into China, India, Brazil and other developing countries, we promote employment in respective localities, and where performance justifies we positively recruit employees from over the world in Japan, and foster them to work primarily in the areas of research and development.

Regarding Mergers and Acquisitions , we put pertinent companies on a steady growth track while enhancing the synergy effect among Nidec Group companies, and create new employment accordingly.

In the future, Nidec will continue to make social contributions based on its corporate philosophy of “creating employment.”

Consolidated/Transition of the number of employees (as of the end of March each year)

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Employees 108,906 117,206 112,551 114,371 106,592

Non-consolidated/Transition of the number of employees (as of the end of March each year)

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Employees Males 2,244 2,194 2,039 2,011 1,754
Females 550 562 529 500 422
Total 2,794 2,756 2,568 2,511 2,176
Average Age (Year) 39.0 38.6 38.7 39.2 40.0
Average Years of Employment 9.4 9.7 10.3 10.8 11.8

Number of new graduates who joined the Nidec Group inside Japan

Apr. 2019 Apr. 2020 Apr. 2021 Apr. 2022 Apr. 2023
New graduates Males 360 240 104 116 201
Females 92 38 23 27 47
Total 452 278 127 143 248

Nidec President Award and Profit Contribution Grand Award

Every year, we commend employees with the Nidec President Award and the Profit Contribution Grand Award, and hold an “R&D Presentation” to motivate employees.

Nidec President Award and Profit Contribution Grand Award

Since 1996, we have been commending employees with the “Nidec President's Award” and the “Profit Contribution Grand Award” for their contribution to the expansion of the company's profit through creation, creativity, new development, etc. that were born in the process of job execution.

Nidec recognizes those of its employees who successfully increased the company's profit via new product development based on an innovative technology, or productivity improvement based on a groundbreaking improvement.

R&D Presentation

Nidec holds an annual “research and development presentations” event where its employees demonstrate their achievements in such areas as technological development and productivity improvement. In recent years, an increasing number of presentations are on “One Nidec” initiative-based technology fusions between group companies.

In this event, attended by Shigenobu Nagamori, the company's Chairman, other executives, and employees representing R&D departments, head office, sales departments and group companies, selected members present their work to be considered for selection as outstanding contributions.

The R&D Presentation serves as a good opportunity for presenters to improve their presenting skills, and for other participants to exchange information on the latest technologies in a wide variety of fields.

Improving employee satisfaction

At Nidec, we hold various activities to create employee-friendly workplaces and better satisfy employees.

Introducing a disaster volunteer vacation system

We introduced a disaster volunteer vacation system in FY2013 so that employees can participate in volunteer activities during an earthquake, flooding, or other disasters.

Management-employee interactions

The company offers a variety of opportunities, such as a luncheon with an executive, and seminars where regular employees can hear directly from the company’s management or express their opinions freely to the management.

In an internal seminar, the company’s top executives explain their own thoughts and the company’s future directions to employees, while answering their questions in person, keeping their distance as business leaders whilst keeping employees close, and placing an emphasis on transparency in the company as we all move, united, in the same direction.

Employee Satisfaction Improvement Committee

A gathering is held at each business site monthly between senior members of the Employees’ Association (Shimboku-kai), which represents employees, and the company’s management, while an Employee Satisfaction Improvement Committee meeting is held twice a year. In the committee meetings, the company delivers important information on its business policies to the Employees’ Association, which, on the other hand, makes suggestions to the company on improving its systems and measures, to promote better communications between the company and its employees.

Roles of the Employees’ Association

The Employees’ Association (Shimboku-kai) is an employee-representing organization comprising non-managerial employees, and aims to: keep good relations among employees; try to improve working conditions and environments, as well as its members’ status, and the quality of employee benefits, welfare, etc.; and contribute to the company’s better business performance. The association is headquartered in the company’s head office, with branch offices at individual business sites. Specifically, the Employees’ Association provides the company with employees’ requests on, for example, work environment, welfare program, and promotion of diversity for improvement, while planning and holding events to promote friendship among employees.

Employee satisfaction (ES) survey

The ES survey, conducted annually by the Employees’ Association, aims to statistically understand Nidec employees’ feelings toward the company, and collect and report their voices to the company’s executives in the aforementioned employee satisfaction improvement committee meeting, to propose necessary improvement actions. Those proposals from our association are incorporated in the company’s policies, personnel measures, and the management of individual workplaces, among others.

*ES survey: A survey to understand how satisfied employees are with their company

Messages from Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Main Office of the Shimboku-kai (Nidec Employees’ Association)

We at the Shimboku-kai act based on a slogan, “Continuity and Change,” meaning that we always cherish everlasting and essential things while adopting new changes at the same time. For example, even after our Japanese company name was changed from “Nihon Densan” to “Nidec,” we must maintain open communications between the company’s management and employees. This is why I believe that we, the members of the Shimboku-kai, must play the two major roles of: (i) preserving the positive aspects of Nidec’s corporate culture; and (ii) utilizing the annual employee satisfaction survey and other opportunity to convey each employee’s voice to the company’s management.
For the next 100 years, we are posed to work with the leaders of individual group companies’ employees to improve the level of all Nidec Group employees’ satisfaction with Nidec, retention rate, and work efficiency, to support the Nidec Group’s future growth, for which we need everyone’s support.

Yoshiyuki Aono, Chairperson, Main Office, Shimboku-kai, for FY2023

Nidec has turned 50 this year. Going forward, we must become a genuine, high-quality global company where each employee can work with pride based on the “Nidec Way” policy and the three essential attitudes,” which we cultivated during the five decades of growth. It is for this purpose that the Shimboku-kai will listen to each employee’s voice, and act vigorously to create a workplace pleasant and rewarding to all of us. Additionally, amid the growing public interest in SDGs and ESG, and as company-employee relations are being reconsidered, we at Nidec’s Shimboku-kai will seek a sense of unity in the relationships to bring about positive changes.

Hiroyuki Setoyama, Vice Chairperson, Main Office, Shimboku-kai, for FY2023

Preventing harassment

To comply with applicable laws and regulations, the company established “Harassment Prevention Regulations” in FY2010, and opened a section within HR Department to provide employees with a consultation service. In addition, FY2019 saw Compliance Office (current Legal & Compliance Department) hold group-wide compliance seminars, to share ideas and issues to prevent harassment and comply with applicable laws and regulations at workplace, via gatherings with managerial and non-managerial employees respectively. We will stay committed to preventing harassment, which will create legal risks.

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