“ESG” stands for “Environmental, Social and Governance”. Companies are expected to properly consider and address ESG issues, while investors are expected to evaluate companies’ related actions and make investment decisions, to help solve and improve global environmental and social issues and contribute to the formation of a sustainable society. This page explains “E” (the environment).

Environmental Philosophy And Environmental Policy

With a keen awareness that ongoing conservation of the global environment is a task common to all humankind, we will fulfill our social responsibilities by working to reduce environmental load by carrying out eco-friendly business activities.

Environmental Management

Nidec considers ISO14001, an international standard on the environment, as the framework for its environmental management system, and promotes the acquisition, maintenance, and management of the ISO14001 qualification.

Fifth Medium-term Environmental Conservation Plan

Nidec set its targets in the four areas of (i) environmental management, (ii) business-based environmental burden reduction, (iii) product-based environmental contribution, and (iv) environmental conservation, and is taking action to achieve its fifth medium-term environmental conservation plan.

Product-based Environmental Contribution

This section explains Nidec’s contribution to energy saving and decarbonization with its high-efficiency and energy-saving motors, eco-friendly designed products, some of its award-winning eco-friendly designed products, and the roles of brushless DC motors in the environment.

Business Activity-based Environmental Burden Reduction

The entire Nidec Group tries to understand and reduce the important environmental burden generated as a result of its business activities.

Conservation of
the Natural Environment

Based on its biodiversity action guidelines, Nidec contributes to the conservation of biodiversity through its business activities, while promoting contributions made by its employees through volunteering and donations.